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Buy Water, Not Air
5-20% Typical Savings off water and sewer costs.

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Our Valve may be adjusted without being removed.
Our valve’s casing will not build up scale.
Our valve does not significantly reduce the inside diameter of the pipe.

Boost Portfolio NOI and Portfolio Valuation
Offset 27% Increase in Houston Water Rates since 2010, Higher Nationally.


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While the City of Houston water rates increased by 27% since 2010, the Circle of Blue found water rates increased 54% since 2010.

While the City of Houston water rates increased by 27% since 2010, the Circle of Blue found water rates increased 54% since 2010.


Facilities Eligible
To Increase Decrease Operating Expenses

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  • Office Buildings

  • Medical Facilities

  • HOA's

  • Hotels

  • Industrial

  • Apartment Buildings

  • Commercial Laundries

  • Restaurants

  • Car Washes

  • Schools, Colleges and Universities

  • Municipal Utility Districts

  • Home Builders and the Home Owner

  • Fast Food Companies



Smart Idea

Adjustable Smart Water Valve™

Smart Water Valve™Creation of An Idea:

  1. City “water” contains air and water

  2. Water meters do not distinguish between volumes of water and air

  3. Air volume and cavitation may be reduced by reducing the pressure drop across the meter


  1. We bought the original patent US Patent #8,707,981

  2. We have built a Second Generation Adjustable SmartValveTM

  3. It may easily adjusted on-site, in-situ with no operational interruption


The Adjustable Smart Water Valve™Advantage - Adjust it in-place if the municipal PSI changes


One-time installation

The 2nd Generation Smart Water Valve is externally adjustable. Once installed it can be quickly and easily adjusted without ever needing to turn off the water to remove the device.

Smart Water Valve Flow.jpg

Consistently better performance

The Smart Water Valve now has a wide range of effect settings - from ‘zero effect’ to ‘maximum effect’ and all points in between. Once the water is turned back on the valve may be adjusted to the perfect setting for the system. This eliminates guesswork in calibrating a valve BEFORE installation.

Ability to adjust to changes

Greater flow Rates


Highly visible


Fully Certified

In the future, if the system pressure or flow rate changes up or down the Smart Water Valve can be quickly and easily be adjusted to maintain maximum savings without the need to interrupt service.

Older valves are often designed to slide inside the pipe in flanged versions, or they are typically male threaded in threaded pipe sizes. This results in a significantly smaller interior diameter than the existing pipe, which therefore lowers your maximum flow rate. The 2nd generation Smart Water Valve is either double flanged (3-inch and larger) or female threaded (2-inch and smaller) – giving a larger interior diameter with no loss in flow capacity.

Facility managers and other personnel come and go. A new facility manager might not know about or be able to easily locate a valve that is installed inside a pipe. Because the 2nd Generation Smart Water Valve is double flanged and clearly marked, it will always be highly visible and easy to locate.

The new adjustable design works is also made with primarily of Acetron GP, an extremely strong, self-lubricating space-age resin. Acetron GP is the material of choice when precision parts are required for impact and wear resistance in a wide range of industrial and mechanical applications. With low, consistent internal stress, this material experiences little dimensional change during use. Acetron GP is also an ideal material for use in wet environments. Acetron GP resists moisture, will not accumulate particulates, and will not corrode. The material also self-seals extremely well eliminating the need for seals and gaskets that would wear out. Acetron GP is the ideal choice for installing the SMART VALVE. All non-Acetron GP components are manufactured from food-grade stainless steel.

It is covered by the same NSF 61 and NSF 372 certifications.

* Warranty by Flow Dynamics LLC

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"On average, Circle of Blue found that water rates have increased by 54 percent across the US since 2010."

- Circle of

For the last 8 years City of Houston water and sewer rates have risen an average of 2.8% per year, or 27% since 2010.

By reducing the pressure drop and decreasing turbulence across the meter, our valve accurately measures your actual water usage and reduces your water bill."
— PACE Houston