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The proprietary and patented ScaleBuster® technology is a proven water conditioning technology for general pipework, heating and plumbing equipment, appliances and processing equipment. It has been utilized for environmentally friendly water conditioning by the residential, commercial and industrial markets for more than 20 years. Scalebuster has been successfully installed in universities, governments, major corporations, industrial facilities and water users of all types in developed and developing countries. Over 300,000 units have been sold and installed worldwide.

The Problem

Scale and corrosion are found wherever there is heat, turbulence, or a change in pH in the water. These conditions cause scale and corrosion to form on equipment surfaces and restrict water flow, clog systems and reduce efficiency resulting in costly equipment down time and increased energy and maintenance costs. In residential systems this means increased gas usage to heat water from scaled up heater elements, and mineral deposits throughout the plumbing, fixtures and appliances. It also creates discolored water, rust spots, scale deposits and excessive soap usage. Using water softeners or chemicals to treat these conditions results in water waste, high salt or chemical pollution to the environment, equipment maintenance costs, and health and safety issues.

Scale and Fouling

Scale and Fouling

Scale and Fouling

Degrades performance thus increasing energy and water usage


Corrosion in Pipe

Corrosion in Pipe

Reduces equipment life span and increases capital spending


The basic and primary function of the ScaleBuster® as a physical water conditioner is to inhibit and prevent scale and corrosion in general pipe-work, heating and plumbing equipment, appliances and processing equipment. The patented electrostatic conditioner operates without any electrical power and has no moving components. The Scalebuster is installed inline into water supply lines of any standard size piping. The technology causes the tiny particles suspended in water to be “clustered” into larger particles which are then swept out of the pipes instead of settling on the pipe surface which causes scale and corrosion to accumulate. This process prevents scaling by silently creating an electric charge of the tiny particles which prevents the damaging build up. The particles that cause scale are no longer available to attach themselves to your pipes and equipment.

ScaleBuster® is easily installed in the water system. It has no moving parts and requires no maintenance. It comes with a 10-year warranty but in most cases the device should last in excess of 20 years or longer.

The range of applications in which ScaleBuster® can be used is extensive. Experience with over 20 years with this ScaleBuster® technology shows that the fundamental requirements vary depending on water systems, system layout and equipment to be protected. The requirements will also vary depending on whether the product is for new construction or refurbishment of an existing system. We have established a family of products to cover the range of installations from individual appliance protection and building usage to large heavy industrial process applications.

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Customer Benefits

  • Scale and corrosion control

  • Reduced water & sewer costs

  • Reduction in maintenance costs

  • Reduction in energy use

  • Improvement of water quality

  • Reduction in water spots

  • Reduction in soap usage

  • Benefits of soft water without needing softeners or salt

  • Increased equipment lifespan

    Reduction in downtime

    Elimination of chemical and salt handling and storage

    Removal of existing hard water

    scale deposits

    Protects entire plumbing system

    Keep irrigation nozzles clean

    Increases irrigation water efficiency

Ideal Uses

  • Hard water regions

  • Hot water uses such as:

    • Water heaters – traditional and tankless

    • Dishwashers

    • Washing machines

    • Boilers

    • Industrial and processing

    • Car washes

  • Landscape irrigation

  • Wherever water is chemically treated

  • Wherever scale and corrosion occurs

Visit for a wealth of information about the operation and success of the product, and to register your Scalebuster warranty after purchase.